MSI Modified Box Lacrosse Rules

August 31, 2017


  • Five players per side plus the goalie. Recommended roster of up to 18 players.(including 2 goalies)
  • All players must use standard lacrosse sticks 40 to 46 inches in length.
  • There are two 20-minute periods and one two-minute halftime per game.
  • Regular season games can end in a tie.
  • There is no defense allowed in the backcourt.during clears (i.e. free clears)
  • No timeouts
  • Modified box rules – no cross checks, no moving picks


  • Safety and sportsmanship will be primary points of emphasis in this league
  • The MSI Modified Box League is a stick skills and “lacrosse IQ” based game and the rules will be strictly enforced to not permit open field hits, hits from behind, take out checks and stick swinging defensive techniques.


  • Substitutions are made freely; a substitute may not enter the field until the player he is replacing is within the team’s substitution zone.


  • There will be one to start the game and to start the second half.


  • All personal fouls are one minute in duration and the penalized player is released from the penalty box if a goal is scored before the expiration of the penalty.
  • A more serious foul (e.g. boarding from the rear, etc.) is a five-minute personal foul and the penalized player is released from the box prior to the expiration of five minutes if two goals are scored.
  • A team can never have more than two players down at one time. If a third penalty is called against a team which already has two players in the penalty box, the referee shall allow the un-penalized team one penalty shot.


  • Back-court – a loose ball or a player with possession of the ball comes in contact with the centerline of the field for any reason other than a shot on goal or the defensive team being the last to touch the ball, it shall be a back-court violation.
  • Goal-crease – an attacking player in possession of the ball, who is in the crease, is in violation and will result in a possession infraction.