Revision Date:     August 16, 2017

General Rules:

  1. Mouth guards, arm pads, gloves, helmets, and shoulder pads are required
  2. Players may only play for one team during the league.
  3. Any fighting or flagrant disrespect towards an official will result in expulsion for the remainder of the game and possibly the league. No exceptions, no refunds!

Game Play:

  1. All rules will be in accordance with NFHS and US Lacrosse standards
  2. Full field, 10 v 10
  3. 20 sec / 10 sec clearing rule for all divisions. 20 seconds to clear the ball from your defensive end. 10 seconds to get into the offensive box
  4. Four 12-minute quarters, with a 3-minute halftime
  5. 1 Timeout per half; 1-minute duration.
  6. Referees will keep game and penalty time on the field.
  7. There are no mandatory stick checks. However, the head coach may request a stick check. If the stick is found to be legal, the challenging team will be charged a time out. If no timeout remains, a delay of game technical foul will be assessed.
  8. Decisions on the field are the final ruling. No disputes will be heard after the game.
  9. Any coach or player ejected from a game will not be allowed to participate in the following scheduled game for their team.
  10. Teams that appear to be stalling will be warned to keep the ball in the box. All teams with a lead must keep the ball in the box for the last two minutes of the game.
  11. Fouling Out: Any player who accumulates 4 personal fouls or 5 minutes in personal foul penalty time shall be disqualified from the game.
  12. Three-yard rule: All stick checks, body checks, legal holds, and legal pushes must be on a player in possession of the ball or within three yards of a loose ball.
  13. No take-out checks.